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Khalifa A. Algosaibi Holding Company consists of twenty one (21) operational subsidiaries and Joint Ventures employing over 3,500 personnel. The Group headquarters is in Dammam, and the direct descendants of Sheikh Khalifa Abdulrahman Algosaibi hold all shareholdings of the Group. The Group has investment holdings throughout the world. Khalifa Algosaibi & his descendants come from one of the oldest merchant families in the Arabian Gulf. With roots going back into the 1800’s, the family has developed and adapted to ever-changing business environments and technologies. As future generations of the family look forward to the future, they do so with an open mind to adapt to challenges that the years will provide. The Board of Directors has pursued a plan for the Group of “strength through diversity” and continues to look for new ideas, technologies, products, services, joint cooperative efforts, and investments that will carry the Group forward. The Group has a strong background in project development; planning; & on-time completion forged from work throughout the Middle East, Asia, North & South America, & Europe. The Khalifa Algosaibi Holding Company welcomes you to an overview of where we are – and look forward to updating where we will go.

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